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Which is an example of investing in physical capital by by a company?
a) Keeping old taxi cabs
b) Purchasing new computer software for the business.
c) Keeping old machinery in order to save.
d) Training workers with new skills for their jobs

Which statement best explains the difference between tariffs and quotas?
a) Tariffs are a ban on trade, whereas quotes lower prices.
b) Tariffs are a tax added to imports, whereas quotas are a ban on trade.
c) Tariffs set limits, whereas quotas are a tax added to imports.
d) Tariffs are a tax added to imports, whereas quotas set limits.

What type of economy does Australia have?
a) Pure Command
b) Mixed Market
c) Pure Market
d) Traditional

Which of these had the most immediate effect on the indigenous people of Australia a caused by British colonization in the late 1700's?
a) Death from disease
b) Civil war among the natives
c) Enslavement by colonists
d) Migration to New Zealand

Australians elect the legislature and the legislature elects the chief executive. What kind of democracy does this describe?
a) autocratic democracy
b) parliamentary democracy
c) direct democracy
d) presidential democracy

What is the title of the leader of the executive branch of government in Australia?
a) Queen of England
b) Prime Minister
c) Governor General
d) President

Where do most Australian's live?
a) in coastal cities of Tasmania
b) on sheep farms in the Outback
c) in cities along the southeast coast
d) in port cities in the north

Who makes decisions in a democracy?
a) One single ruler
b) Power is shared
c) Elite group
d) The people

What is the name of the spiritual beliefs of the Aborigines?
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) Christianity
d) Dreamtime

Which would describe the climate of Australia?
a) Hot and dry
b) Tropical and mountainous
c) Cool and wet
d) Warm and rainy

What is the name of one of Australia's indigenous inhabitants?
a) Indians
b) Orignials
c) Natives
d) Aborigines

What is the main religion in Australia?
a) Hinduism
b) Christianity
c) Judaism
d) Islam

What language do Australians speak?
a) Australian
b) English
c) French
d) Aborigine

What monolith is located in central Australia?
a) Ayers Rock (Uluru)
b) Stone Mountain
c) Devils Tower
d) Great Rock of Australia

Which of these would you find off Australia's east coast?
a) Indian Ocean
b) Southern Ocean
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Atlantic Ocean

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