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The mark of the display screen that indicates where the next character will be display is the
a) cursor
b) status line
c) header
d) automatic return

A feature that lets the user keep typing when the end of a line is reached by automatically moving words to the next line is called
a) scrolling
b) word wrap
c) block movements
d) spell check

Devices that are connected to a computer to allow input, processing, output, and storage are called
a) processors
b) peripherals
c) multiplex devices
d) modems

Windows 2000, XP, MAC OS X, Leopard, Snow Leopard are
a) office applications
b) brands of computers
c) software applications
d) operating systems

Which of the following applications would be the best choice for writing a letter to a friend or relative
a) graphics package
b) spreadsheets
c) word processor
d) database

The chip in the computer that performs all the information processing is which of the following?
a) ROM
b) RAM
c) CPU

Present settings for margins, tabs, line spacing and justification in a word processing document are known as
a) defaults
b) values
c) font styles
d) heading

Opening a file, correcting misspellings, and re-saving the file is an example of
a) deleting a file
b) formatting a file
c) printing a file
d) editing a file

Boldface, italics, and underlining are examples of
a) page formatting
b) page layout
c) text or character formatting
d) printing

What does "rsmith" represent in [email protected]?
a) domain
b) host
c) user's name
d) address

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