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Structures For Movement, Obtaining Food, Defense. Animal Behaviors.[print questions]

The scarlet king snake is not poisonous, but looks almost identical to the coral snake which is very poisonous. What is this type of defense structure the animal uses for survival called?
a) Camouflage
b) Copy cat behavior
c) Mimicry
d) Coloration

Some animals are social and travel together in groups. Which statement does not explain how grouping keeps animals safe?
a) Meerkats look out for predators and warn others if they see anything
b) Colobus Monkeys will work as a group to fight off an attacking chimpanzee
c) A large school of fish makes the predator think it is one large animal
d) All of the above are ways grouping keeps animals safe

Changes in the environment are called _______.
a) stimuli
b) response
c) behavior
d) conditioning

A clam's hard shell helps it by ____________.
a) keeping it dry
b) providing a place to store extra food
c) helping it swim
d) protecting it from predators

Zookeepers feed newborn birds with hand puppets that looks like adult birds. Which of the following is the best reason puppets rather than humans are used to feed the young chicks?
a) To teach the chicks to follow the zookeepers.
b) To teach the chicks to recognize their own species.
c) To not scare the baby birds.
d) To teach the chicks to eat with their beaks.

When a student does not follow the rules at school, he/she is punished, but students who follow the rules are not punished. This behavior is called a ______________ behavior.
a) imprinting
b) innate
c) learned
d) inherited

A physical response an animal has to increase its body temperature in response to a drop in the outside temperature is known as ____________.
a) blinking
b) gathering food
c) shedding
d) shivering

Winter is a harsh time of year because there is little to no food available. Which of the following is NOT a way that animals deal with the lack of food during winter.
a) Hibernating through the cold months
b) Gathering and storing seeds
c) Migrating to new feeding grounds
d) Camouflaging themselves to match a winter environment

A bird building a nest, a spider spinning a web, and a baby turtle traveling from its nest to the ocean are _____
a) Conditioning behaviors
b) Inherited behaviors
c) Imprinting behaviors
d) Learned behaviors

Which of the following is NOT an example of a process used for maintaining a constant internal temperature?
a) Blinking
b) Panting
c) Shedding
d) Sweating

In what way is a fish, a bird, and a human alike?
a) They are all endotherms
b) They all lay eggs
c) They all have a backbone
d) They all have legs

A lizard is a vertebrate organism that can be classified as a/an ___________.
a) Amphibian
b) Arthropod
c) Mammal
d) Reptile

Which one of the following is not a structure an animal would use for defense?
a) stingers
b) beaks
c) claws
d) fur

How is a jellyfish different from a fish?
a) A jellyfish has a backbone
b) A fish has a backbone
c) A fish lives in water
d) A fish is in the animal kingdom

Which animal is an endotherm?
a) fish
b) lizard
c) mouse
d) turtle

A starfish is an example of a/an _______________
a) Arthropod
b) Amphibian
c) Echinoderm
d) Mullosk

An octopus would use which of the following defense mechanisms?
a) Emitting an odor
b) A shell to hide in
c) Ejecting ink
d) Grouping

Not all animals use the same type of defense mechanisms. Which of the statements below is NOT an example of a defensive mechanism?
a) Traveling as a group
b) Drawing up inside a shell
c) Using tentacles to grab and hold food
d) Emitting a foul smell when threatened

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