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The process by which traits that enhance survival & reproduction are passed in more frequently to future generations than those that do not is called?
a) Natural Selection
b) Evolution
c) Artificial selection
d) Natural causes

True or False. Organisms tend to less ofspring than can survive.
a) False
b) True

What is artificial selection?
a) The process of selection conducted under human direction.
b) The disappearance of a species from Earth
c) A trait that promotes reproductive success
d) Accidental changes in DNA that may be passed on to the next generation

A group of indiviuals of a species that live in the same are is know as what?
a) Population
b) Species
c) Biological diversity
d) Biosphere

What is allopatric speciation?
a) species form due to physical separation.
b) species form from populations that reproductively isolated with the same area
c) The history of species divergence
d) The process of selection conducted under human direction

What is sympatric speciation?
a) species form from populations that become reproductively isolated within the same species.
b) species form due to physical separation of populations
c) A trait that promotes reproductive successs
d) An area's sum total of all organisms

What is an example of of something that would cause sympatric speciation?
a) Mate in different seasons
b) Glaciers
c) Rivers
d) Mountains

What is an endemic species?
a) A species that only exists in a certain, specialized area
b) Species are found everywhere in the world
c) Communities and the nonliving material and the forces they interact with
d) Species formed due to physical separation

What is causing the 6th mass extinction event?
a) Humans
b) Weather
c) God
d) Diseases

The total living things on Earth and the areas that they inhabit is called what?
a) Biosphere
b) Community
c) Ecosystem
d) Universe

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