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Prussia is . . . . .
a) The lagerest Germanic state
b) A hybrid of Russia and Persia
c) Part of Persia
d) Part of Russia

United Germany
a) Otto von Bismark
b) Kaiser Wilhem I
c) Victor Emmanuel
d) Louis-Napoleon

People at the top of the Spanish colonies social pyramid
a) peninsulares
b) creoles
c) mestizos
d) mulattos

Latin American country who had a bloodless revolt
a) Brazil
b) Venezuela
c) Haiti
d) Mexico

Which of the following Empires did NOT collapse because of nationalism?
a) Austria
b) Ottoman
c) Russian
d) Italy

Leader of the Redshirts
a) Giuseppe Garibaldi
b) Count Camillo di Cavour
c) Giuseppe Mazzini
d) Victor Emmanuel

Leader of the Haitian Revolution
a) Simón Bolílar
b) Toussaint L’Ouverture
c) Dom Pedro
d) Miguel Hidalgo

Which of the following if NOT a positive effect of Nationalism?
a) overcome differences
b) overthrow colonial rule
c) increase competition for advances
d) increase competition leading to warfare

Which of the following is a possitive effect of nationalism?
a) forced assimilation
b) increased democratic governments
c) ethnic cleasing
d) extreme nationalism

Which of the following in NOT a factor in creating a nation-state?
a) Economy
b) Culture
c) Territory
d) History

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