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According to cell theory, which statement is correct?
a) Cells come from preexisting cells
b) There are some plants not made of cells.
c) All cells need oxygen
d) Cell and very different in chemical composition.

What is the basic unit of all known living organisms?
a) Tissues
b) Cells
c) Bacteria
d) Organs

Which statement describes an exception to cell theory?
a) The cell is the basic unit of function in animals.
b) The cell is the basic unit of structure in plants.
c) Viruses are not composed of cells.
d) Cells arise from previously existing cells

Which statement is not part of cell theory?
a) Cells are the functional units in living things.
b) All known living things are made of cells.
c) Hereditary information is not passed on during cell division.
d) All energy flow and metabolism occurs in cells.

Viruses are considered non-living for which of the following reasons?
a) They are not made of cells.
b) They metabolize food into energy on their own.
c) They can reproduce without a host cell.
d) They cannot travel.

According to Cell Theory which of the following is true?
a) Cell and the basic structural and functional units of all living things
b) Cell are the structural units of plants only.
c) Cells are only the basic functional units of living things.
d) Cells do not determine the function or an organism at all.

Based on the sixth tenet of cell theory which states that all energy flow and metabolism occurs in cells which do cells need?
a) Oxygen
b) Water
c) Food
d) Light

Which of these is not a correct tenet of Cell Theory
a) Tenet 1: All known living things are made of cells?
b) Tenet 2: Cells are the structural and functional units of all living things
c) Tenet 5: All cells are basically the same in chemical composition.
d) Tenet 3: Cells are sometimes able to spontaneously generate.

To be considered living organisms need to be...
a) able to take in oxygen
b) able to do photosynthesis
c) able to make tissues
d) made of cells

Which of the following happens because cells cannot spontaneously generate?
a) Cellular meltdown
b) Cell Division
c) Cell Addition
d) Cell Subtraction

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