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Disease And Biotechnology Unit Review.[print questions]

Which example best illustrates a pandemic?
a) In the late 1400’s, native populations were almost wiped out by European diseases
b) In 1854, cholera spread through London, killing 12.5% of the population.
c) In 1918, the Spanish flu caused millions of deaths worldwide.

Which most accurately describes what makes a mosquito a vector?
a) A mosquito can be sick with malaria but not spread the disease.
b) A mosquito can spread malaria but not be sick with the disease.
c) A mosquito can carry malaria but not spread the disease

A strain of influenza originates in Southeast Asia and spreads to countries including the United States and Europe, infecting millions of individuals worldwide. Which best describes the spread of this disease?
a) Epidemic, then a pandemic because it did not originate in the United States.
b) Pandemic, then an epidemic because it affected citizens of the United States
c) Epidemic, then a pandemic because it originated in one geographic area before spreading to others.
d) Pandemic, then an epidemic because it originated in one geographic area before spreading to others.

Biotechnology uses a procedure called genetic engineering. Which best describes genetic engineering?
a) making artificial DNA in the laboratory from chemicals
b) cutting out pieces of DNA from an organism under a microscope
c) adding DNA from one organism into the DNA of another organism

Which best explains why antibiotics are ineffective in treating viral infections?
a) viruses destroy the antibiotic
b) antibiotics only kill living cells
c) Antibiotics increase the rate of viral growth.

Which best contrasts a bacterium and a virus?
a) A bacterium can reproduce, whereas a virus will not reproduce
b) A bacterium does not live in living things, whereas a virus does.
c) A bacterium is a one-celled living organism, whereas a virus is a non-living organism

Which would be LEAST effective in treating an illness caused by a virus?
a) drinking plenty of fluids
b) widespread vaccinations
c) getting extra rest and sleep
d) daily treatment with antibiotics

Which is the most useful change made to crops using applications of biotechnology?
a) crops use more nutrients
b) crops need more fertilizer
c) crops resist more diseases
d) crops take longer to grow

Which characteristic do all microbes share?
a) they are all microscopic in size
b) they all need oxygen to survive
c) they all exist in similar conditions

Which person would benefit most from biotechnology?
a) a cook
b) a farmer
c) an architect
d) an automotive engineer

Which career field is most closely related to biotechnology?
a) medicine
b) journalism
c) meteorology
d) political science

Which area of biotechnology would most likely create ethical issues within human society?
a) insulin production by bacteria
b) organ cloning for use in humans
c) genetic engineering to improve agricultural yields
d) DNA and forensic testing of crime scene evidence

Which describes a way scientists use biotechnology in the field of agriculture?
a) Bacteria is used to clean up oil spills.
b) Criminals are linked to cases by their DNA.
c) Vaccines for infectious diseases are created.
d) Food crops are manipulated to be more nutritious.

Which term refers to the spread of disease in a small region?
a) antibiotic
b) epidemic
c) pandemic
d) contagion

Which disease outbreak would be more difficult to control?
a) Pandemic, because the diseases are always fatal
b) Epidemic, because the diseases involved are usually more difficult to treat.
c) Pandemic, because infectious disease will continue to spread through populations across a large region or even worldwide

How does the spread of an epidemic and pandemic differ?
a) A pandemic spreads slowly, and an epidemic spreads quickly.
b) An epidemic spreads slowly, and a pandemic spreads quickly.
c) A pandemic affects a small region, and an epidemic affects many regions.
d) An epidemic affects a small region, and a pandemic affects many regions.

Which is an ethical issue surrounding the use of genetically modified plants?
a) cost
b) selective breeding
c) number of plants produced
d) possible long-term effects on the environment

Why is the number of biotechnology careers most likely increasing across the U.S?
a) They are simple careers to learn
b) They require no eduation past high school
c) They are an inexpensive way to provide new food products and medicines
d) They are needed to meet the public demand for new food products and medicines

A patient visits the doctor and is diagnosed with strep throat, which is caused by a bacteria known as streptococcus. How will the doctor treat the patient in order to stop the infectious disease?
a) recommend plenty of sleep and water
b) give the patient a vaccine
c) provide an antibiotic
d) there is no treatment available

Which best describes the reproductive differences between bacterial and viral infections?
a) Viruses multiply by asexual reproduction, while bacteria reproduce inside a host
b) Viruses multiply using a host, while bacteria reproduce by way of binary fission.
c) Viruses multiply by developing into endospores, while bacteria reproduce by way of binary fission.
d) Viruses multiply by way of conjugation, while bacteria reproduce by developing into endospores.

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