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Type of asexual reproduction used by bacteria. DNA copies itself, moves to the sides of the cell and the cell splits in two.
a) Binary fission
b) mitosis
c) interphase
d) taxonomy

Organism that makes it's own food.
a) autotroph
b) heterotroph
c) eukaryote
d) prokaryote

Powerhouse of the cell, place where protein synthesis occurs
a) mitochondria
b) ribosome
c) golgi bodies
d) endoplamic reticulum

Rigid outer structure in plant cells that help give them their shape.
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) DNA
d) nucleus

Considered the "Brain" of the cell, contains genetic instructions for the next generation.
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) ribosome
d) golgi bodies

Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protists, Fungi, Plants, Animals
a) 6 kingdoms
b) 6 characteristics of living things
c) 4 Needs of living things
d) 7 levels of classification

Captures energy from the sun and produces energy
a) chloroplast
b) cell wall
c) mictochondria
d) ribosome

Genetic material (heredity material), carries the directions for the next generation
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) nucleus
d) homeostasis

Doctor who disproved Spontaneous Generation
a) Francisco Redi
b) Robert Hooke
c) Anton van Leeuwenhoek
d) Carolus Linneus

Passageway that carries proteins around the cell
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) golgi bodies

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