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Cells, chemicals of life, energy use, grow and develop, respond to surroundings, reproduce
a) 6 characteristics of living things
b) 4 needs of living things
c) 6 kingdoms
d) 7 levels of classification

Maintaining internal conditions (environment)
a) homeostasis
b) heterotroph
c) eukaryote
d) taxonomy

"Tiny organ", inside of a cell that helps a cell to function.
a) organelle
b) cell
c) prokaryote
d) mitosis

Mistaken idea that living things come from non-living things.
a) spontaneous generation
b) spontaneous combustion
c) binary fission
d) endoplasmic reticulum

splitting of the cytoplasm (cell splitting in two)
a) cytokinesis
b) prophase
c) mitosis
d) binary fission

Controls what goes in and out of the cell.
a) cell membrane
b) ribosome
c) nucleus
d) vacuole

Organism that has its genetic material in a membrane bound nucleus
a) eukaryote
b) prokaryote
c) autotroph
d) heterotroph

Made of more than one cell
a) multicellular
b) unicellular
c) prokaryote
d) eukaryote

Phase of mitosis where the centromeres split and one chromosome is pulled towards each pole.
a) anaphase
b) prophase
c) telophase
d) metaphase

Organelle that makes proteins
a) ribosomes
b) endoplasmic reticulum
c) mitochondria
d) cell wall

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