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Developed by Carolus LInneus, ___________ is the scientific study of how living organisms are classified.
a) taxonomy
b) unicellular
c) taxidermy
d) classification

Organisms are classified according to their ______________.
a) similarities
b) year of discovery
c) classification
d) size

Using Chart A, what level of classification is Rhizopoda?
a) class
b) Amoeba proteus
c) mammalia
d) amoeba

A cell that does not contain a true nucleus is called a __________.
a) prokaryote
b) host
c) eukaryote
d) endospore

What is another name for the Cell Cycle?
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) cytoplasm
d) cytokinesis

The basic unit of structure and function of any living organism?
a) cell
b) organ
c) tissue
d) organelle

Which of the following occurs during metaphase?
a) chromosomes line up at the equator
b) chromosomes are in their most condensed form
c) microtubules attach to sisiter chromatids of each chromosomes
d) chromosomes move to opposite poles

What levels of classification are used properly for the scientific name?
a) genus and species
b) species and genus
c) kingdom and phylum
d) family and order

Which of the follwoing is a characteristic of all living organisms?
a) made of cells
b) prokaryote
c) multicellular
d) unicellular

Italian doctor Francesco Redi disproved _______________ by performing a controlled experiment involving meat, jars and flies.
a) spontaneous generation
b) spontaneous combustion
c) cell theory
d) macular degeneration

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