Our Canada Chapter 6 Question Preview (ID: 46275)

Chapter 6 Review.

The Constitutional Act of 1791 happened because of pressure from:
a) Loyalists
b) Americans
c) Catholics
d) Mi'kmaqs

The First Nations under Tecumseh supported:
a) Americans
b) Spanish
c) British
d) All the Choices

During the War of 1812 French Canadiens fought against
a) France
b) Britian
c) Americans
d) Spanish

Countries ruled by monarchs went to war against:
a) Britian
b) The French Republic
c) Indonesia
d) First Nations

Who won the war of 1812?
a) Americans
b) British North America
c) Mennonites
d) Spanish

People against rebellion and loyal to Britain were called:
a) United Americans
b) United Empire Loyalists
c) United British Loyals
d) Canadiens

The Constitutional Act of 1791 divided Quebec into:
a) Montreal and Quebec City
b) Ontario and Quebec
c) Upper and Lower Canada
d) Canada and the USA

What caused the American Revolution?
a) Famine
b) First Nations Threats
c) Britain's Debt
d) Tea

Why did the Americans declare war on Canada in 1812?
a) Britain was blocking their ships to France
b) The Canadian settlers asked for their help.
c) Elections were approaching so the pres. needed war for votes
d) They didn't. Canada declared war on America.

What does the term 'Yankee' refer to?
a) Canadians
b) British Loyalists
c) First Nations
d) Americans

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