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Who wrote a mythological book called Metamorphoses?
a) Ovid
b) Homer
c) Virgil
d) Livy

Who wrote the epic poem Aeneid about the destruction of the city of Troy?
a) Virgil
b) Livy
c) Ovid
d) Tiberius

What form of government is run by elected representatives?
a) Republic
b) Assembly
c) Democracy
d) Oligarchy

Which Greek philosophy emphasized comfort and pleasure?
a) epicureanism
b) stoicism
c) cynicism
d) mysticism

Which Greek philosophy criticized all other philosophies but offered no solutions?
a) cynicism
b) Socratic method
c) stoicism
d) epicureanism

What term meant a group of 1,000 Roman soldiers?
a) legion
b) army
c) phalanx
d) assembly

What term means a thin outer layer?
a) veneer
b) marble
c) concrete
d) arches

What term means pleasure-seeking?
a) hedonism
b) cynicism
c) modernism
d) incarnation

What killed most of Hannibal's animals when he wanted to attack Rome from the north?
a) cold weather
b) men with spears
c) ambush
d) elephants

What did Diocletian do to try to strengthen the Roman Empire?
a) He divided the Roman Empire into east and west halves.
b) He divided the Roman Empire into north and south halves.
c) He persecuted Christians.
d) He paid for entertainment in the Colosseum.

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