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Which historical event would include Mao's Little Red Book?
a) The Great Leap Forward
b) The Chinese Civil War
c) The Cultural Revolution
d) Tiananmen Square protests

Which river is NOT found in Asia?
a) The Yangtze
b) The Volga
c) The Yellow
d) The Mekong

Which colonial empire did India want independence from?
a) Russia
b) China
c) France
d) Great Britain

What describes the difference between a president and a prime minister?
a) A prime minister does not belong to a particular political party but a president always does
b) A president has more power than a prime minister
c) A president is separate from the legislature, but a prime minister answers directly to the legislature
d) A president has to be elected, while a prime minister does not

In a parliamentary government the head of the government belongs to which branch?
a) national
b) legislative
c) executive
d) judicial

What kind of farming do some farmers in Asia use to best utilize their land?
a) tundra
b) terrace
c) floating land forms
d) taiga

Can a constitutional monarchy also be a parliamentary democracy?
a) YES
b) NO

What kind of economy is almost always adopted by Communist regimes?
a) mixed
b) market
c) command
d) traditional

The Great Leap Forward was what kind of program?/
a) social
b) economic
c) entertainment
d) dynamic

Mao's successor, Deng Xiopeng, ruled China during which event?
a) Destruction of Nanking
b) Tiananmen Square Massacre
c) Cultural Revolution
d) Opium Wars

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