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A scientist studying climate changes in Antartica would be looking at:
a) fossils
b) ice cores
c) tectonic plates
d) carbon films

In which type of rock are fossils most likely to be found
a) igneous
b) metamorphic
c) sedimentary
d) volcanic

The Earth's oceans contain:
a) living resources only
b) nonliving resources only
c) both living and nonliving resources
d) no resources at all

Mechanical erosion is the process by which:
a) rocks stay the same regardless of weather conditions
b) rocks chemically change
c) Weatrher patterns completely destroy all evidence of a rock
d) rocks break down into smaller particles without any chemical change

If we traveled in the time machine to when there was no animal or plant life, we would be in:
a) Precambrian time
b) Paleozoic Era
c) Cenozoic Era
d) Mesozoic Era

in a divergent boundary, the plates are
a) pushing together
b) scraping past each other
c) moving apart
d) subducting

The rate at which a radioactive elemtn breaks down over time is that element's
a) fusion rate
b) atomic mass number
c) periodic grouping
d) half life

The major cause of extinction throughout history has been:
a) failure to adapt to environmental changes
b) reoccurring asteroid impacts
c) excessive flooding
d) territorial wars between the species

Continental Mountains are formed when
a) two divergent plates collide
b) two continental plates collide
c) two transform plates collide
d) a volcano erupts

For fossils to form in rocks:
a) a volcano must erupt
b) sedimentary rocks must be undergoing mechanical changes
c) conditions must be just right
d) there must be dramatic changes in environmental conditions

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