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Where does photosynthesis take place?
a) chlorophyll
b) chromatin
c) mitochondria
d) chloroplast

Why is chlorophyll green?
a) Because is absorbs green wavelengths of light
b) Because is absorbs white light
c) Because leaves are green
d) Because it reflects green wavelengths of light

How/where is energy stored in ATP?
a) In the adenosine molecule
b) In the phosphate atom
c) In the bond between the second and third phosphates
d) In the ADP

What is produced in the light reactions?
a) oxygen and sugar
b) water
c) water and sugar
d) oxygen

What is produced in the dark reactions?
a) water
b) sugar and oxygen
c) sugar
d) oxygen

What are the pigments in plants that produce the red, orange, and yellow colors?
a) carotenoids
b) orangepyhll
c) cholorphyll
d) rouge

What type of organism performs cellular respiration?
a) animals only
b) plants only
c) plants and animals
d) plants, animals, and yeast

If there is no oxygen what type of respiration occurs?
a) aerobic
b) anaerobic

What gas is produced in alcoholic fermentation
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) carbon monoxide
d) nitrogen

What organism uses alcoholic fermentation
a) humans
b) bacteria
c) yeast and bacteria
d) yeast

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