At The Clinic Question Preview (ID: 46175)

My Second Test.

the--------------- is high above us
a) sun
b) earth
c) land
d) coral

the hot vapour--------------
a) falls
b) rise
c) dropes
d) goes down

water changes into -------------------------
a) vapour
b) clouds
c) lake
d) sea

it rain when there is a lot of water in the ----------------
a) sea
b) lake
c) river
d) clouds

we use compass to tell the -------------------------
a) where to go
b) directions
c) how to go
d) ----------------------------------------

What Rania thinks about exploring the space?
a) safe
b) not safe
c) dangerous
d) its ok

I have------- the dead sea.
a) visit
b) visited
c) float
d) floats

Rania has--------- coral .
a) see
b) saw
c) sow
d) seen

When does it rain?
a) when its cold
b) when its hot
c) when there is alot of water in the clouds
d) earth

Raina and Omar knows about exploring
a) the earth
b) for a week
c) the lake
d) the River

Hassan has a ------------- there is stomach ------------ going around
a) stomach ache - bug
b) bug- stomach ache
c) bug
d) around

Ben's mum say ,I think they both have __________________-
a) fever
b) cold
c) stomach ache
d) toothache

what makes the water gets cold
a) Air
b) clouds
c) sun
d) coral

how many times did valntina goes around the earth
a) 48
b) 84
c) 106
d) 22

Ben was --------------------------- all day yesterday
a) sneezing
b) sleeping
c) coughing
d) talking

Omar has ------------------------ .
a) Fever
b) cold
c) sore throat
d) stomach ache

what can you see under water ?
a) Sea animals. coral.plants
b) only fish
c) snakes
d) sun

Why does Rania think that Ibn Btutta is wise ?
a) Without any reason
b) Because he visited so many interesting places
c) Because he visited North America

Why did Amy and Ben go to the clinic?
a) Because they were sick .
b) They visited Omar .
c) they were bored
d) the doctor is their father

Ibn Batutta was from-------
a) America
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) North Africa

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