Communication: Lesson 5 Question Preview (ID: 46156)

Lesson 5 Review.

Which statement is true about e-mail use today?
a) E-mail is used mainly for personal communication.
b) E-mail is used mainly for business communication.
c) E-mail is used mainly by scientists to communicate with each other.
d) E-mail is a primary method of communication for personal and business use.

Which of these is a correctly formatted e-mail address?

In addition to e-mail, most Webmail providers also include:
a) spreadsheet creation tools.
b) an address book and a calendar.
c) instant messaging, address book and calendar.
d) an interface that looks completely different from desktop e-mail clients.

When you receive an e-mail message, it will appear in your e-mail client's:
a) inbox
b) outbox
c) calendar
d) drafts folder

You can use __________to automatically include the same text at the end of every e-mail message you send.
a) a subject
b) copy and paste
c) a signature
d) an attachment

It is best to ignore or delete ___________e-mail, also known as junk e-mail.
a) draft
b) spam
c) trash
d) reply

What is the code of acceptable behaviors that users should follow when communicating online?
a) Spam
b) Blogging
c) Uploading
d) Netiquette

What would you do if you received an e-mail message from someone you did not know?
a) Forget about it.
b) Tell your parents or a trusted adult.
c) Open it right away to see what it says.
d) Forward it to everyone in your address book.

What would you do if you received a hurtful or nasty message online?
a) Delete it.
b) forward it
c) spend a nasty or threatening reply
d) Tell your parents or a trusted adult

In an e-mail address, the part directly after the @ sign is called the:
a) domain
b) server
c) host
d) client

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