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Efferent nerves of fibers carry what type of information?
a) motor responses.
b) neither motor nor sensory information.
c) both motor and sensory information.
d) sensory information.

The spinal nerves are connected to the spinal cord and consist of:
a) 12 pairs.
b) 41 pairs.
c) 31 pairs.
d) 21 pairs.

Damage to the ___ nerve could make the diaphragm unable to function.
a) phrenic
b) medial cutaneous
c) radial
d) axillary

Which of the following would not be an effector (target) of the autonomic nervous system?
a) skeletal muscles
b) iris of the eye
c) sweat glands
d) blood vessels

Which of the following is not an example of parasympathetic responses?
a) dilation of the respiratroy airways
b) constriction of skeletal muscle blood vessels
c) decreased heart rate
d) increased digestion

"Fight or Flight" physiological changes include all of the following except:
a) increased conversion of glycogen into glucose.
b) dilation of blood vessels in skeletal muscles
c) dilation of respiratory airways.
d) constriction of respiratory airways.

A child was frightened by a large dog. The pupils of the child's eyes becomes dilated, and the heart and respiratroy rates increase. These symptoms were caused by:
a) stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.
b) stimulation of the occipital lobe.
c) stimulation of somatic nervous system.
d) stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system.

Which of the following statements is not true.
a) The parasympathetic division is the dominant controller of most autonomic effectors (targets).
b) Parasympathetic stimulation causes an increase in digestion and salivary glands secretion.
c) The major function of the parasympathetic division is to serve as an "emergency" system
d) Under quiet, nonstressful conditions, acetylcholine is the major neurotransmittor being released.

If the ventral nerve root of a spinal nerve were destroyed, a person would lose:
a) sensory perception related to that pathway.
b) both motor responsed and sensory perception related to that pathway.
c) there would be no lose of function.
d) motor responses related to that pathway.

Which division of the peripheral nervous system controls voluntary movements?
a) somatic division
b) sympathetic division
c) parasympathetic division
d) autonomic division

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