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The innermost layer of the meninges is the:
a) pia mater
b) inner mater
c) dura mater
d) arachnoid membrane

All of the following are true of cerebrospinal fluid except ___.
a) It cushions the brain from injury.
b) It is formed in the choroid plexus.
c) It surrounds the spinal cord.
d) It surrounds the nerves in the peripheral nervous system.

The cerebellum performs all of the following functions except ___.
a) cooridnates control of muscle action.
b) controls skeletal muscle to maintain balance.
c) controls cardiac function.
d) helps control posture.

The part of the cerebrum associated with anger, fear, and sorrow is/are the:
a) limbic system
b) caudate nucleus
c) temporal lobes
d) corpus callosum

The part of the brain that can influence the release of hormones or the endocrine system is the:
a) thalamus
b) pons
c) medulla
d) hypothalamus

The vital centers for the control of heartbeat, respiration, and blood vessle diameter are located in the ____.
a) cerebellum
b) diencephalon
c) medulla
d) cerebrum

An injury to the cerebrum might result in:
a) loss of some motor function only
b) loss of some motor function, or loss of some sensory function, or unusal behavior
c) unusual behavior only
d) loss of some sensory function only

Damage to this part of the diencephalon might effect your sleeping patterns.
a) Thalamus
b) Cerebellum
c) Pineal gland
d) Hypothalamus

Which is true of the dorsal nerve root of the spinal cord?
a) It is located on anterior side of the spinal cord.
b) It is found in the brain.
c) It contains motor response fibers.
d) It includes a ganglion of cell bodies.

Which of the following statements is true of the spinal cord?
a) The white matter forms in the shape of a butterfly.
b) The grey matter contains myelinated fibers.
c) Ascending tracts transfer sensory information to the brain.
d) Ascending tracts transfer motor responses to the brain.

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