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Mr. Midas bumped into his dad on his way home from the party. What did he tell him?
a) That he left early because he didn't like Susan anymore.
b) That he made an "F" on his Math test.
c) That everything he ate turned into chocolate.
d) That he was sick.

When Mr. Midas took John to the candy store, what did they find?
a) The store full of children.
b) An empty lot and a "For Sale" sign
c) A car repair shop
d) A camera crew waiting to laugh at John.

Where did Mr. Midas take John after taking him to find the candy store?
a) Dr. Cranium
b) to a psychiatrist
c) home
d) back to Susan's party

What happened as Dr. Cranium gave John a spoonful of elixir?
a) John spit it out.
b) It turned into chocolate.
c) Nothing happened, the medicine stayed the same.
d) The medicine fell on the floor.

What was Dr. Cranium's reaction to the spoon turning into chocolate?
a) He threw John out of his office.
b) He started laughing.
c) He got excited and named the disease "Cranium's Disease".
d) none of the above

What happened to Mrs. Midas when John kissed her?
a) She stopped crying.
b) She forgave him.
c) She turned into chocolate.
d) nothing

Where did John go after his mom turned into chocolate?
a) Dr. Cranium's
b) school
c) Susan's
d) to the corner where the candy store was

What did the storekeeper tell John to do before he would help him?
a) He had to be truthful.
b) He had to eat more chocolate.
c) He had to pay more money.
d) He had to pour water on everything that he turned into chocolate.

Only ________ people can see the money that John found.
a) young
b) happy
c) chocolate loving
d) greedy

After everything was turned back to normal, John went back to the store to say thank-you. What did he find?
a) A greedy boy buying a box of chocolate.
b) The storekeeper making a new batch of chocolate candies.
c) Nothing but a pile of rusty cans and broken bottles around a sign that said "Sold."
d) none of the above

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