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What did Susan want John to do with the coin to prove it was real?
a) bounce it on the floor
b) step on it
c) throw it at the wall
d) bite into it

While taking a test, John chewed on his pencil. What happened when he started to write with the pencil.
a) His hand was shaking and he couldn\'t write.
b) The pencil lead broke.
c) It ripped the paper.
d) It started to smear because it was chocolate.

How did Miss Plimsole react when John told her the story?
a) She thought he was making it up.
b) She told him she knew about Susan\'s coin.
c) She yelled at him and made him apologize to the class.
d) She believe him and wanted to help him.

What did John wish for as he waited in line for his lunch.
a) Chocolate
b) To go home
c) For his food to taste normal again
d) For something to drink

How did the thought of chocolate pie make John feel today?
a) happy
b) angry
c) it had no effect
d) sick

At band practice the orchestra were having their first joint rehearsal. What happened as John started to play?
a) He played the piece perfectly.
b) He forgot what he was suppose to play.
c) His trumpet turned into chocolate.
d) He was off pitch.

How did Mrs. Quaver, the band teacher, feel?
a) She was excited.
b) She was speechless.
c) She passed out.
d) She was sad.

What did John do?
a) He continued to play.
b) He started to cry.
c) He ran home.
d) He started to laugh.

How did John feel as he walked home?
a) happy
b) sad
c) embarrassed
d) none of the above

What happened at Susan's birthday when John bobbed for an apple?
a) He missed the apple and had to try again.
b) Susan beat him.
c) He beat Susan and got his apple first.
d) The water turned into chocolate.

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