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Water in gas form is called __________.
a) vapor
b) solid
c) liquid
d) ice

Heat is measured in units called __________.
a) joules
b) calories
c) liters
d) meters

When water is freezing, the temperature __________.
a) does not change
b) rapidly decreases
c) slowly decreases
d) slowly increases

Pure water freezes at __________ В° C
a) 0
b) 212
c) 100
d) 32

Oil floats on water because it is __________.
a) less dense
b) lighter
c) heavier
d) more dense

Which of the following is an example of density?
a) 4.3 В° C
b) 4.3 cm3
c) 4.3 g/cm3
d) 4.3 g

Which of the following statements about water is true?
a) Cold water is less dense than warm water.
b) Cold water has fewer molecules per unit of volume than warm water.
c) Warm water is less dense than cold water.
d) Warm water has more molecules per unit of volume than cold water.

Water can form drops because of __________.
a) cohesion
b) capillary action
c) specific heat
d) density

Which form of water has the lowest density?
a) ice
b) vapor
c) solid
d) liquid

Because of water's __________, it cools more slowly than sand.
a) specific heat
b) polarity
c) density
d) calories

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