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What instrument was John learning to play?
a) tuba
b) piano
c) drums
d) trumpet

Why did John\'s parents think he got red spots on his nose?
a) He had chicken pox.
b) none of the above
c) He was eating too much candy.
d) He had a cold.

John walked a different way to Susan\'s house, what did he find?
a) a box of chocolates
b) a coin
c) a dog
d) his friend Mark

What was unusual about the coin?
a) It had his initials on it.
b) There was a bite in it.
c) He was made of chocolate.
d) It was pure gold.

What did John buy with the coin?
a) A present for his mother.
b) A tie for his father.
c) A doll for his sister.
d) A box of chocolates.

How did the chocolate taste?
a) It was sour.
b) It was too sweet.
c) It was the most chocolatey chocolate he had ever tasted.
d) He spit it out because it was gross.

What discovery did John make when he brushed his teeth?
a) His teeth were rotting out.
b) The toothpaste tasted like chocolate.
c) His toothbrush was old.
d) He did not like to brush his teeth.

Mrs. Midas cooked eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast; what did it taste like to John?
a) gross
b) cinnamon
c) chocolate
d) caramel

What happened to John's thumb on his glove?
a) nothing
b) It unraveled and fell off.
c) It turned into chocolate.
d) It got wet.

John's friend Spider saw what happened and he wanted to try it out. What did the glove taste like to Spider?
a) leather
b) chocolate
c) nothing... it had no taste.
d) mud and dog.

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