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Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
a) A ship\'s iron wheel rusting
b) A wood log burning
c) An antacid tablet fizzes when placed in water
d) A raindrop freezing to form sleet

How can you tell a chemical change has taken place when silver tarnishes?
a) the metal changes shape
b) the metal changes volume
c) the metal changes in weight
d) the metal changes color

What happens when the bonds between molecules break down or form?
a) the substance changes from one phase to another
b) the substance\'s atoms rearrange, but it remains basically the same
c) the substance gives off energy
d) the substance changes shape, but its identity does not change

What is it called when a substance changes to a different type of matter with different properties from those of the original substance?
a) energy change
b) phase change
c) chemical change
d) physical change

Which of the following is an example of combustion?
a) a log burning
b) a container of milk souring to cottage cheese
c) a piece of gray metal turning to rust
d) a dry sponge expanding in water

Which of the following is NOT evidence that a chemical change has taken place?
a) a change if phase or state of matter
b) a gas is released
c) a solid forms
d) a change in color

Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
a) iron rusting
b) ice cube melting
c) cookies baking
d) food digesting

What is true of a physical change?
a) a physical change changes the identity of the material
b) a physical change results in changes in the properties of matter
c) a physical change occurs when matter changes in size, shape, and or phase
d) a physical change happens when one material changes into a new substance

Which of the following is NOT a chemical change?
a) melting wax
b) grilling chicken
c) car rusting
d) a burning candle

Which of the following is NOT a physical change
a) cutting cookie dough
b) boiling water
c) baking cookies
d) crushing a cup

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