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Surface tension is a ___________.
a) Cohesive force attracting all other liquid molecules together.
b) A strong force increasing the kinetic energy of particles.
c) How gravity defeats buyoancy.
d) A solid substance.

Particles of a liquid have a __________ attraction.
a) Weak
b) Strong
c) Almost no
d) transfer of energy

A substance must ___________ in order to change from a gas to a liquid.
a) Condense
b) Melt
c) Gain energy
d) Freeze

A substance must ____________ in order to change from a solid to a liquid.
a) Gain energy
b) Lose energy
c) Condense
d) Vaporize

Particles of a gas lose energy when they come in contact with a __________ surface.
a) Cold
b) Hot
c) High energy
d) Evaporation

As temperature decreases, _____________ also decreases.
a) Kinetic energy
b) Heat
c) Temperature
d) Condensation

Why do gas particles easily mix with other gas particles?
a) Because they are greatly spread apart and have a lot of space in between them
b) Because they are densely packed in a crytalline shape
c) Because they increase their diffusion rate
d) Who knows?!

Vaporization is when ________.
a) A liquid turns into a gas
b) A gas turns into a liquid
c) A solid turns into a liquid
d) A solid turns into a gas

Is helium a fluid?
a) Yes
b) No
c) I don't know

The attraction between gas particles _________.
a) Almost doesn't exist
b) Is very strong
c) Is very weak
d) I have no clue!

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