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Mass cannot be created or destroyed. The mass of the reactants is the same as or equal to the mass of the product.
a) Atomic Mass
b) Law of Conservation of Mass
c) Atomic Number
d) Covalent Bond

The Bohr Model
a) shows you each level of electrons
b) shows you that each dot represents valence electrons only
c) shows you that any change results in the formation of new chemical substances
d) shows you that any element can be arranged on the periodic table

The Electron Dot Diagram
a) contains rings
b) shows you each level of electrons
c) shows you that each dot represents valence electrons only
d) has many characteristics that are helpful when determining a chemical reaction

The atomic mass
a) a negative number
b) the number of electrons
c) the total number of protons
d) maybe considered to be the toal mass of protons, neutrons, and electrons in a single atom

A chemical reaction where atoms steal an electron is
a) a polar covalent bond
b) a covalent bond
c) an ionic bond
d) a bonding experience

A physical change
a) when the burning of a substance occurs
b) rearranges molecules, but does not affect their internal structure
c) changes the internal structure
d) changes the structure completely

A substance that contains two or more elements
a) Compound
b) Element
c) Proton
d) Neutron

A vertical column in the periodic table of the chemical elements. There are 18 of them.
a) Models
b) Diagrams
c) Periods
d) Groups

Elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number as you go from left to right across the table
a) Model
b) Period
c) Diagram
d) Group

The outermost shell of an atom
a) Protons
b) Electrons
c) Valence electrons
d) Neutrons

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