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States Of Matter And Atoms. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The state of matter that can fill any container is__________. The volume and shape both change.
a) liquid
b) both liquid and gas
c) solid
d) gas

You put ice in a glass full of soda. 15 minutes later all of the ice has melted. What type of change is this?
a) physical
b) sublimation
c) oxidation
d) chemical

Today, scientists know that the 'structure' of an atom is a(n) ______________.
a) solid ball
b) square
c) empty ball
d) electron cloud

When dry ice changes to carbon dioxide vapor, what is happening?
a) oxidation
b) sublimation
c) freezing
d) condensation

What is found inside the nucleus of an atom?
a) protons
b) protons & neutrons
c) neutrons
d) electrons

Cutting paper is an example of what type of change?
a) physical
b) sublimation
c) condensation
d) chemical

____________ are two or more atoms joined together.
a) chemical bonds
b) molecules
c) elements
d) atoms

Protons have what type of charge?
a) positive
b) questionable
c) neutral
d) negative

Atoms are held together by a strong attraction called _________?
a) chemical bonds
b) polar molecules
c) capillary action
d) molecules

Anything that takes up space and has a mass is ____________.
a) chemical change
b) a mixture
c) matter
d) energy

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