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What is denaturing?
a) Acting in a way that is not natural
b) breaking down fats
c) combining the enzyme with the substrate
d) changing the shape of an enzyme so that it no longer works

What 2 things can denature an enzyme?
a) pH and Temperature
b) solutions binding to the substrate
c) pH and a solution
d) Temperature and a solution

Enzymes are specific. What does this mean?
a) They are able to be specialized to work on many kinds of molecules
b) They take apart and connect one reaction.
c) They can only work on one reaction
d) They are picky about what they wear.

Are enzymes reusable?
a) Yes
d) No

Enzymes help you digest food.
a) True
d) False

The reactant of an enzymatic reaction is
a) product
b) active site
c) enzyme
d) substrate

When the enzyme combines with a substance, what is produced?
a) product
b) active site
c) enzyme
d) substrate

Where does the substrate fit into the enzyme? At the...
a) active site
b) activiation energy
c) product
d) enzyme substrate complex

What are enzymes?
a) biological catalyst
b) Activation igniters.
c) chemical combiners
d) ecological catalysizers

Enzymes work by
a) Increasing the activiation energy
b) Lowering the activiation energy

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