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Why did US manufacturing expand in the US?
a) Decrease in British goods
b) Increase in British goods
c) Lift of the embargo act
d) factories were in the South

Why did immigrants not immigrate to the South?
a) They were scared of becoming slaves
b) smaller industrial sector in the South
c) Larger industrial sector in the South
d) There were other immigrants in the South

What did the Erie Canal do for New York City?
a) grew the commerical centers
b) shrunk the commerical centers
c) made no impact
d) Spread slavery

What caused early industrialization in the US?
a) better agriculture
b) more slaves
c) better transportation
d) stricter laws

What pushed the Irish to the US?
a) Gold
b) Persecution
c) Famine
d) Midwest

How did the Railroad affect business?
a) restricted trade
b) took people down South
c) Made it hard to trade
d) helped opened new markets

The Industrial Revolution encouraged people, including women, to pursue jobs where?
a) South
b) West
c) Cities
d) Rural areas

Goods that were made in homes are now being made where?
a) Rural areas
b) factories
c) hotels
d) shipyards

What effect did the cotton gin have on slavery?
a) increased
b) decreased
c) no change
d) West

Why did people migrate West looking for new jobs?
a) there was free enterprise
b) they were told to do so
c) They did not like the West
d) They were being neglected

Free Enterprise is described in which of the following?
a) strict government involvement
b) less available opportunities
c) limited government involvement
d) prices were determined by the government

Which invention helped with mass production of goods?
a) telegraph
b) morse code
c) Steam Engine
d) Interchangeable parts

How did innovations affect the production of goods
a) made things harder to access
b) increased prices of goods
c) made it more efficient
d) had no effect

What did the Erie Canal do for the Northeast?
a) grew the cities
b) shrunk the cities
c) no effect
d) It affected the west

What was a result of Industrialization?
a) no more immigration
b) govt decided to build a wall
c) the government was shut down
d) sectional differences increased

Why is foreign born population increasing?
a) immigrants were discriminated against
b) less persecution
c) there was availability of labor
d) there wasn't available labor

Railway act was created to support settlement in which region?
a) West
b) North
c) East
d) South

Why was the environment changed for the national road?
a) to promote fishing
b) to improve transportation
c) to find the Chinese
d) to make life harder

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