Lesson 4: Malware Question Preview (ID: 45898)


Although the Internet can make your life easier, it can also expose you and your computer to cyber security ________, such as viruses, malware, scams and identity theft.
a) threats
b) offers
c) software
d) malware

___________ is any program or file that is designed to damage a computer, tablet, or smartphone, or to gain unauthorized access to a device.
a) virus
b) malware
c) spyware
d) trojan

Any ________, tablet, or smartphone can be damaged by malware, no matter who manufactured it.
a) person
b) car
c) computer
d) school

________, these are URLs that may lead the user to download a virus or redirect the user to a Web site that will attempt to download malware
a) phishing
b) worms
c) trojans
d) pharming

_______ are programs that look useful, but actually cause damage to your computer
a) trojans
b) worms
c) viruses
d) sphyware

__________ are fake e-mail message appearing to be from a trusted business, social network or other contact
a) pharming
b) phishing
c) libel
d) trojans

________ is malicious code that secretly watches your computer activity and sends the information over the Internet
a) A worm
b) A trojan
c) Spyware
d) A virus

_______ are malicious programs or code that damage or destroy data by attaching to a program or file in a victim computer
a) trojans
b) pharming
c) spyware
d) viruses

__________ are special types of viruses that can travel from computer to computer without human action
a) worms
b) trojans
c) phishing
d) pharming

A ____ is self-replicating and can multiply until it uses up the computer's resources
a) worm
b) virus
c) trojan
d) pharming

Viruses are spread by _____ action, such as sharing infected files
a) keystroke
b) animation
c) human
d) spyware

Spyware can secretly capture your _________ (including passwords) and compromise your identity
a) keystroke
b) picture
c) identity
d) torrent

The easiest way to become a victim of malware, spyware and viruses is through _________.
a) pop-ups
b) downloads
c) emails
d) scams

Which of the following is NOT a type of malware?
a) phishing
b) farming
c) trojans
d) viruses

Anytime a Web page asks for private information, such as a credit card or address, the user needs to be able to identify whether the Web page is ______.
a) safe
b) trustworthy
c) accurate
d) secure

A secure Web page will display a _____ icon somewhere in the browser window.
a) key
b) symbol
c) lock
d) green

When you purchase a computer, ____________ _________ is available to protect the computer from any virus-related harm. (two words)
a) virus software
b) anti-spyware softward
c) anti-virus software
d) spyware software

When choosing a password, use ________ devices to help you remember it.
a) numbers
b) mnemonic devices
c) letters
d) symbols

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