Chapter 7 And 8 Question Preview (ID: 45896)

LEA130 The Hilltop Chapters 7 And 8.

In 1931 soldiers marched from Jefferson Barracks for 100 miles. What did they do with CCP students while on campus?
a) They captured them and executed the “Non-believers of the Constitution”
b) watched the World Series game on the TVs in the brand new Atrium
c) They swam in the pool
d) They cheered the football team on to victory against McBride

According to the Cardinal and White, in 1931 there was a robbery near the front gate of CCP. What happened to the robbers?
a) The fransican nuns locked them up in the basement of their house and made them play “Lotto”
b) 2 were shot by Illinios police and 3 were jailed.
c) the brakes on the get away car were sabotaged by CCP students and the car crashed in the river at a high rate of speed.
d) The car owner stabbed all of the bandits in self-defense.

Which road was known as “belt road”
a) Lindbergh Blvd (Denny Rd)
b) Interstate 270
c) Clayton Road
d) Highway No. 77

In 1936, who planned to “promote interest in Dramatics and Public Speaking” at Chaminade?
a) Bro. Albert Kaiser
b) Rev. Valentine Braun
c) Rev. Walter Golatka
d) Rev. Ralph Seifert

In 1933 Fr. Juergens organized as Festival where more than 2000 people attended and played a game in the gym; the name of this game was called
a) “Lotto”
b) “Pin the tail on Fr. Chaminade”
c) “Raise the Roof!”
d) “Kiss Kurley the Kow!”

In 1937 the CCP Administration announced at new recruitment undertaking that was first established as a physical training camp. It was called
a) CCP Boot Camp
b) Camp Chaminade
c) Esto Vir Torture Camp
d) Chaminade Mothers Club

The 1930’s was a tough time for CCP because
a) CCP sports teams were horrible
b) WWII took many lives
c) of the depression
d) the school was robbed and set on fire by the Franciscan nuns

In 1925 who did the CCP students go see at Sportman’s Park
a) The Pope
b) The President
c) Phil Todt
d) Charles Lindbergh

What was known as Highway No. 77
a) Interstate 270
b) Clayton Road
c) Highway 40
d) Denny Road

Who was the student editor of the Cardinal and White in 1928
a) August Schlude
b) Phil Todt
c) William S. Corrigan
d) Edwin G. Kayser

Who was the CCP Graduate who played professional baseball in the 1920’s
a) Phil Todt
b) Stan Musial
c) Leo P. Granger
d) William S. Corrigan

What description was given to “Day Hoosiers”
a) the laziest people EVER
b) the most studious students at CCP during the 1920’s
c) the “Scrapiest” basketball players on the playground
d) Students that rode in cabs from Indiana

According to the textbook, what was a “chaser”
a) CCP students that chased and caught pigs that would be butchered for dinner
b) this was a nickname given to day students
c) it was a type of drink that residents of CCP enjoyed after dinner
d) Students that ran back for seconds in the lunch line

In 1931, CCP student Edwin Kayser starred in a movie titled
a) “Go get ‘em cowboy!”
b) “a two reel kiddie comedy”
c) “A Catholic Sainthood”
d) “Football Spills ‘Em”

Who performed at the first CCP Father Son Banquet in 1939?
a) Phil Todt’s accordion band
b) a hypnotist
c) a magician
d) CCP student choir

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