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What was the purpose of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee?
a) SNCC coordinated youth led, non-violent campaigns against segregation and other forms of racism.
b) SNCC went door to door to find out how other Georgians felt about integration.
c) SNCC was a group who fought to March in Washington.
d) SNCC was a group who fought (punches) at the Albany movement

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. felt that nonviolent protests were the way to end segregation. All of the following were tactics he used EXCEPT for...
a) Mass Demonstrations
b) Riots
c) sit ins
d) boycotts

This failed because it focused on too many things. What is it?
a) Albany Movement
c) March on Washington
d) Montgomery bus boycott

This was done to send a message to Congress to vote YES on Civil Right legislation. What am I?
a) Albany Movement
c) March on Washington

Both of these Civil Rights groups focused on nonviolent protest, lead anti - discrimination march and protests, and wanted end ALL segregation .
a) Sip and See
b) SCLC and SNCC
c) SLL and SCC
d) SCC and SNN

Who gave his I have a Dream speech at the March to Washington?
a) W.E. B DuBois
b) John Lewis
c) Booker T. Washington
d) Martin Luther King Jr

What Civil Rights leader was elected to Congress?
a) John Lewis
b) Martin Luther King Jr
c) W.E.B DuBois
d) Booker T. Washington

Which term means keeping blacks and whites apart in public places?
a) desegregation
b) segregation
c) integration
d) Bullying

Who became the 1st President of SCLC?
a) Carl Vinson
b) John Lewis
c) Martin Luther King Jr
d) W.E. B DuBois

Which of following organizations worked to end segregation, planned nonviolent protests, and were major Civil Rights organizations.
d) Sip and See

What was Brown vs.. Board of Education really about?
a) Ending slavery practices in schools.
b) Making sure that black and white schools were segregated.
c) Making sure that black and white schools were desegregated.
d) Ending Sharecropping and Tenant Farming

In 1956, the Georgia flag was changed to include what?
a) The United States flag
b) The Confederate Battle Flag
c) Stripes
d) The state seal.

Why was the Sibley Commission formed?
a) To find out how Georgians felt about integration.
b) To find out how Georgians felt about schools.
c) To find out how Georgians felt about the change in the flag.
d) To find out how Georgians felt Dr. King

The change in the 1956 state flag showed the feelings of Georgia legislators. What were those feelings?
a) The state wanted to integrate schools.
b) The state wanted each district to decide for themselves.
c) The state wanted to preserve segregation in schools.
d) The state wanted to desegregate schools.

Georgia’s General Assembly did all of the following in response to the order to desegregate EXCEPT
a) modify the state’s flag by adding the Confederate battle flag.
b) express strong support for integration
c) threaten to abolish all of GA’s public schools.
d) create a commission to find out how GA felt

Most white southern leaders ________ the Supreme Court’s order to desegregate.
a) were divided on
b) favored
c) Didn't care
d) opposed

What case had the NAACP arguing having separate schools for blacks and whites?
a) Plessey vs Ferguson
b) Worchester vs GA
c) Brown vs Board of Edu
d) Blue vs Brown

The landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled that separate was NOT equal was:
a) the Dred Scott decision.
b) Plessy v. Ferguson.
c) Worchester vs GA
d) Brown v. Board of Education

Which man from Georgia is recognized as the leader of the modern Civil Rights movement?
a) John Lewis
b) W.E.B DuBois
c) Booker T. Washington
d) Martin Luther King Jr

Which of the following is NOT true about Martin Luther King Jr.?
a) He led the Montgomery Bus Boycott
b) He formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
c) He practiced non-violent civil disobedience.
d) He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

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