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A person in a head-on collision who is not wearing a seat belt continues to move forward at the original speed of the car because of ____.
a) friction
b) weight
c) inertia
d) gravity

Newton\'s 1st law of motion states that an object stays at rest unless a(n) ___ acts on it.
a) outside force
b) strong force
c) gravitational force
d) balanced force

Which one of the following objects has the greatest inertia?
a) baseball
b) bowling ball
c) toothpick
d) pencil

A force is which one of these?
a) a push
b) none of these
c) a push or a pull
d) a pull

Force is measured in which units?
a) kilograms
b) meters
c) degrees
d) newtons

____ is done only when an object moves in the direction of the applied force.
a) Work
b) Inertia
c) Effort
d) Friction

A force is exerted on a box and an equal and opposite force is exerted by the box. What explains this?
a) Newton's 1st law of motion
b) law of conservation of energy
c) Newton's 3rd law of motion
d) Newton's 2nd law of motion

A(n) ___ is a rod or plank that pivots about a fixed point.
a) pulley
b) lever
c) wedge
d) axle

John is pushing a table forward. Erin pushes the table in the opposite direction and the table stops moving. What amount of force is Erin pushing the table with?
a) the same amount of force as John
b) double the amount of force as John
c) a lesser amount of force than John
d) a greater amount of force than John

According to Newton\'s second law of motion, ____.
a) acceleration = mass x net Force x speed
b) acceleration = speed x mass
c) acceleration = mass / net Force
d) acceleration = net Force / mass

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