Evidence Of Evolution And Extinction Question Preview (ID: 45875)

VA SOL 13abc.

A scientist believes that American dogs evolved from Canadian wolves. To test this hypothesis the scientist should...
a) study the fossil records in both America and Canada
b) observe wolves living in their current environments
c) interview American and Canadian dog owners
d) conduct an experiment on the food choices of dogs and wolves.

What is it called when all of the organisms of a species completely die out?
a) mutations
b) adaptation
c) fossilization
d) extinction

Sometimes bones in the front limbs of animals are very similar in structure. What do we call similar bone structures that indicate a link to a common ancestor?
a) homologous structures
b) absolute dating
c) gradualism
d) adaptations

Which would NOT likely be used as evidence of evolution?
a) homologous structures
b) similarities in DNA
c) intelligence
d) fossils

Which example would NOT be considered a fossil?
a) stories passed down from generation to generation
b) footprints hardened in mud or rocks
c) bones buried deep in the earth
d) imprints left in rocks

What most likely happened to species that are found in the fossil record but have no living members?
a) they mutated to other species
b) they had offspring of a different species
c) they became extinct
d) they never really existed

What natural preservative have scientists discovered fossils within?
a) amber
b) frozen ground
c) tar
d) all of the above

studying embryology helps scientists understand what?
a) how a species makes food through photosynthesis
b) how a species reproduces
c) the early stages of an organism's growth
d) where organisms migrate during their lives

Scientists compare DNA from living organisms to identify what?
a) a fossil's location
b) natural selection
c) similarities between species
d) geographic isolation

Why has the original fox animal species evolved into two species, a red and silver fox, overtime?
a) the two species hibernate during the winter months
b) the two species are dormant animals
c) the two specie are prey to the same species
d) the two species live in two different environments

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