Roaring 20s, Great Depression, New Deal Question Preview (ID: 45866)

5th Grade Sc Social Studies.

Who were the relief programs of the New Deal designed to benefit?
a) the foreign businesses that invested in the United States
b) the poorest Americans
c) the wealthy business owners
d) the foreign allies of the United States

During the Depression, Congress passed a wide range of programs called the Deal.What philosophy (belief) was behind these programs
a) State governments are responsible for helping people.
b) The federal government is responsible for protecting the environment.
c) Neither the federal or state governments should interfere in economic issues.
d) The federal government should help people who are suffering.

How did the outbreak of WWII impact the Great Depression in the U.S.?
a) It hurt the nation's economic recovery as natural resources were destroyed.
b) It helped the nation recover economically by ending trade restrictions from the 1920s.
c) It hurt the nation's economic recovery as many trading partners were left in ruins.
d) It helped the nation recover economically by increasing demand for war materials.

How did Congress prevent another stock market crash?
a) It created Social Security to give seniors a different option for investing their wealth.
b) It created the Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate stock trading.
c) It created the Civilian Conservation Corps to create jobs in stock trading.
d) It created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to guarantee stock prices.

Why did some factories start to lay off worker in the late 1920s?
a) Some industries overproduced, decreasing the value of their products.
b) Many industries depended on demand created by World War I.
c) The migration of African Americans to the North left southern factories without workers.
d) The price of steel went up, increasing the cost to build factories.

During the 1920s, what economic trend helped cause the Great Depression?
a) Consumers bought too many things on credit.
b) The government spent too much money helping farmers.
c) People stopped buying consumer goods they did not need.
d) Businesses did not introduce any new products.

What did a loss of confidence in the banking system lead many people to do?
a) withdraw all their money from banks
b) a lack of investment in new industries
c) too few consume goods for sale
d) buying stock on credit

Which practice contributed to the crash of the stock market in 1929?
a) withdraw all their savings from the banks
b) exchange their paper money for gold and silver
c) riot in the streets and set fire to many of the banks
d) borrow additional funds in order to be able to support themselves

How did new inventions such as radios, automobiles, and movies change life for Americans during the 1920s?
a) All people were able to buy these new products and improve their lives.
b) The standard of living improved for people who could afford the new products.
c) Workers went to special training schools to learn to make the products.
d) The nation became more divided since the products were only available in cities.

During the Roaring 20s why did farmers fail to share in the economic growth of the period?
a) Hurricanes and tornadoes destroyed most of the farmers' crops.
b) Overproduction of crops led to falling prices for farm goods.
c) Farmers over-predicted the amount of food that the American population would need.
d) Farmers failed to use new technology to help them farm their fields.

African American artists such as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Bessie Smith were some of the best known ______________.
a) opera singers
b) jazz musicians
c) writers
d) painters

The period of time when African Americans in urban areas had the opportunity to allow their culture to flourish is known as the _______________________.
a) Harlem Renaissance
b) Harlem Reconstruction
c) Harlem Recovery
d) Harlem Revolt

Which answer most closely represents what African Americans found in the north during the Great Migration?
a) many jobs and much fairer treatment
b) no jobs but social equality
c) worse conditions than they faced in the south
d) better job opportunities but continued discrimination and segregation

In the 1920’s, African Americans still faced discrimination in the south because of?
a) lynchings and slavery
b) Jim Crow Laws and lynchings
c) slavery and Prohibition
d) suffrage and lynchings

What happened as a result of the women’s suffrage movement?
a) women were no longer allowed to do certain jobs in factories or on farms
b) Congress passed the 19th amendment
c) women were allowed to enter the military as soldiers
d) Congress passed the 18th amendment

Why did many farmers living on the Great Plains migrate westward during the 1930s?
a) The Dust Bowl conditions
b) The Gold Rush
c) Westward Expansion
d) To avoid farming on Native American reservations

The “Roaring Twenties” was not a good time for all Americans. For example, ______________________ weren’t able to afford the new advances in technology that improved standard of living because the boll weevil was destroying their profits.
a) African Americans
b) immigrants
c) factory workers
d) sharecroppers

Which of the following best describes the Harlem Renaissance?
a) Organization to help highly educated women find jobs
b) Period of great achievement for African American writers, artists, and musicians
c) Government program in New York to help people pay their taxes
d) Many social and economic changes took place affecting the lives of Americans.

Why are the 1920s often called the “Roaring Twenties?”
a) Organization to help highly educated women find jobs
b) Agricultural trade with foreign nations prospered during this time.
c) Government program in New York to help people pay their taxes
d) Many social and economic changes took place affecting the lives of Americans.

The period of time when African Americans moved from rural south and urban north is known as the ____________________ .
a) Great Migration
b) great movement
c) Harlem Renissance
d) Dust Bowl

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