Mendelian Genetics Test Question Preview (ID: 45861)

Standard #6.

The law of segregation states that
a) alleles of a gene separate from each other during meiosis.
b) different alleles of a gene can never be found in the same organism.
c) each gene of an organism ends up in a different gamete.
d) each gene is found on a different molecule of DNA.

Tallness ( T) is dominant to shortness ( t) in pea plants. Which of the following represents a genotype of a pea plant that is heterozygous for tallness?
a) Tt
b) TT
c) TH
d) tt

Having a widow's peak is the dominant trait (W), while lacking a widow's peak is the recessive trait (w). If 100% of the offspring are heterozygous, what are the genotypes of the parents?
a) WW and ww
b) WW and Ww
c) Ww and WW
d) ww and Ww

The genotype of a female pea plant is SSTt. Which combinations of alleles could be present in gametes produced by this plant?
a) ST and St
b) ST and st
c) St and st
d) St and sT

Having detached earlobes is a dominant trait, while having attached ear lobes is a recessive trait. If one parent is homozygous dominant and the other is heterozygous, what percentage of the offspring will have detached earlobes?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 100%

A heterozygous plant (Ss) is crossed with a plant homozygous dominant (SS) for smooth petals. S is dominant for smooth petals, and s is recessive for wrinkled petals. What will MOST LIKELY be the petal texture of the first generation of offspring?
a) All petals in the offspring will be smooth.
b) All petals in the offspring will be wrinkled.
c) One-half of the petals in the offspring will be smooth, and one-half will be wrinkled.
d) Three-fourths of the petals in the offspring will be smooth, and one-fourth will be wrinkled.

Which sentence BEST expresses a main idea stated in Mendel's law of segregation?
a) Organisms inherit two copies of each gene, but donate only one copy to each gamete.
b) Parents each donate two gametes, but only one is inherited by the next generation
c) Organisms inherit more traits from the female parent than from the male.
d) Parents each donate four alleles for each gene passed on to the offspring.

Tay-Sachs disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner. Which term is used to describe a person who has the gene for Tay-Sachs, but does not have the disease?
a) carrier
b) diseased
c) affected
d) hybrid

What did Mendel state in his law of independent assortment?
a) Allele pairs separate independently of each other during meiosis.
b) The presence of one allele affects the assortment of another.
c) The presence of one trait affects the assortment of another.
d) Allele pairs separate independently of each other during mitosis.

The device used to determine the probable outcome of genetic crosses, is called a
a) Punnett Square
b) Genetic Box
c) X-Cross
d) Punnett Predictor

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