Avancemos Nivel 1 2:2 Vocabulario Question Preview (ID: 45859)

Classroom Items And Feelings.

La pluma/El bolígrafo
a) the pencil
b) the plume
c) the water fountain
d) the pen

El papel
a) the paper
b) the book
c) the eraser
d) the father (informal)

La mochila
a) The backpack
b) the chair
c) the mocha coffee
d) the paper

Los lápices
a) the pens
b) the pencils
c) the lapels
d) the students

La silla
a) the desk
b) the chair
c) the book
d) the eraser

El Escritorio
a) The scribe
b) The pen
c) The desk
d) The chair

El Cuaderno
a) The Corner
b) The Quadrangle
c) The Notebook
d) The Pen

El Borrador
a) Border
b) Eraser
c) Chalkboard
d) Pen

La puerta
a) the port
b) the window
c) the door
d) the pen

la ventana
a) the window
b) the door
c) the desk
d) the vent

El passillo
a) the pass
b) the hallway
c) the desk
d) passing time between classes

a) tired
b) happy
c) angry
d) upset

a) depressed
b) put down
c) angry
d) deprived

a) excited
b) upset
c) anxious
d) worried

a) bored
b) depressed
c) excited
d) annoyed

a) busy
b) nervous
c) bored
d) happy

a) happy
b) sad
c) bored
d) angry

a) bored
b) happy
c) full of burritos
d) lazy

La Biblioteca
a) the bookstore
b) the library
c) the bathroom
d) the writing lab

a) happy
b) calm
c) worked up
d) feeling dizzy

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