8th Grade - Unit 2 Natural Hazards Question Preview (ID: 45856)

Unit 2 Natural Hazards.

The most devastating part of a volcanic eruption is the
a) pyroclastic flow
b) lava
c) earthquakes
d) blue lava

An unconfined aquifer recharges ______ than a confined aquifer.
a) more quickly
b) more slowly

When a glacier loses mass due to ice melting
a) ablation
b) accumulation
c) liquidation
d) Elsa

Carbon dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas because it ______ the sun's energy in Earth's atmosphere.
a) traps
b) reflects
c) eliminates
d) rejects

Oil and natural gas tend to form at the bottoms of ocean environments which are
a) anoxic
b) oxygen rich
c) toxic
d) magical

Aquifers are replenished with water in a process called
a) recharging
b) refilling
c) refining
d) drilling

When excess carbon dioxide is absorbed by oceans, it causes the ocean to become more
a) acidic
b) basic
c) alkaline
d) narcissistic

Structural basins tend to form from
a) tectonic activity
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) tsunamis

_________ is molten rock found below the surface while _________ is molten rock at the surface.
a) magma; lava
b) lava; magma
c) lava; java
d) magnanimous lava

Earthquakes, changes in ground features, and gas emissions are all signs that
a) a volcanic eruption may occur soon
b) a volcano is dormant
c) you ate at Taco Bell
d) a tornado is imminent

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