Africa Review 1 Question Preview (ID: 45853)

Review For Unit 6.

In Sudan, _____________ is one result of civil war.
a) large numbers of refugees
b) an increase in supplies of food and medicines
c) the elimination of starvation
d) the rebuilding of communities

The __________ grew rich from the gold-for-salt trade started in the western Africa.
a) Kingdom of Ghana
b) Kingdom of Mali
c) Kingdom of Songhai
d) All of these

When ___________, the African slave trade greatly increased.
a) Europeans needed more workers in the Americas
b) Africans began to trade gold with Europe
c) Islamic traders replaced European traders
d) Africans took Arabs across the Sahara

What did Portuguese explorers want when they began trading in West Africa?
a) gold and slaves
b) gold and salt
c) salt and slave
d) slaves and oil

The __________ is called the Sahel.
a) steppe area north of the Kalahari
b) savanna area south of the Sahara
c) desert area west of the Sahara
d) tropical area near the Equator

Why is French widely spoken in the Sahel?
a) Much of the Sahel was under French colonial rule
b) English is hard to learn.
c) All the schools teach French.
d) Only the French trade with countries in the Sahel

The Niger River is very important for both
a) agriculture and transportation.
b) shipbuilding and heavy industry.
c) mining and water sports.
d) tourism and high-tech industry.

The _____________ River is the main artery in western Africa.
a) Niger
b) Zambezi
c) Congo
d) Nile

European colonial boundaries --
a) disregarded traditional ethnic boundaries
b) proved to be far superior to traditional ethnic boundaries.
c) respected traditional ethnic boundaries.
d) were ignored by colonial governments

Which of these occurred when Apartheid ended?
a) First universal election in South Africa
b) Segregation of black and white South Africans
c) First white-only election in South Africa
d) First black-only election in South Africa

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