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O2 is released during
a) cellular respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) breathing
d) fermentation

Before the energy in food can be used by a cell, the energy must first be transferred to molecules of
a) proteins
b) carbohydrates
c) DNA
d) ATP

What is the primary source of energy for all organisms?
a) carbohydrates
b) ATP
c) sunlight
d) glucose

In eukaryotic organisms, which cell part converts energy stored in food into ATP?
a) mitochondria
b) chromosome
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplast

Plants are producers. Which of the following statements best describes producers?
a) The obtain the food by eating other organisms
b) They use a process known as cellular respiration to make their own food
c) They capture light energy from the sun and use it to make food
d) They take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide

What structure can convert energy from the sun into chemical energy that can be used by plants and animals?
a) mitochndrion
b) cell wall
c) nucleus
d) chloroplast

When plants make glucose, they are converting the sun's radiant energy
a) into ATP
b) into chemical energy that can be stored
c) in a process known as cellular respiration
d) into chlorophyll

How is the process of fermentation different than cellular respiration?
a) Cellular respiration uses oxygen, fermentation does not
b) Cellular respiration doesn't use oxygen, fermentation does
c) Cellular respiration takes place in chloroplasts, fermentation does not
d) Cellular respiration produces glucose, fermentation does not

What is chlorophyll?
a) the main ingredient in glucose
b) green pigment in chloroplasts that capture sun's energy
c) the main ingredient in ATP
d) where fermentation takes place

How is the process of cellular respiration different in eukaryotic cells than in prokaryotic cells?
a) it requires oxygen in eukaryotic cells, but not in prokaryotic cells
b) occurs in mitochondria in eukaryotic cells, but in the cell membrane in prokaryotic cells
c) produces lactic acid in eukaryotic cell, but carbon dioxide gas in prokaryotic cells
d) is not possible in prokaryotic cells

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