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Gay Lussac's Law relates the temperature of a gas to its
a) container
b) volume
c) molecular composition
d) pressure

Pressure is calculated by dividing the force by the_________________ over which the force is exerted
a) mass
b) area
c) volume
d) none of the answers are correct

Buoyant force is the ______________ force exerted on an object immersed or floating in a liquid
a) lateral
b) upward
c) downward
d) tensile

As the temperature of a fixed amount of gas at constant volume decreases,its pressure
a) decreases
b) stays the same
c) increases
d) none of the answersarecorrect

According to the kinetic theory of matter, which of the followings statements is true about matter
a) The atoms and molecules of a substance are always in motion
b) The higher the temperature of a substance, the faster the particles move
c) More massive particles move more slowly than less massive particles
d) all of the answers are correct

The measure of the average kinetic energy is an object is called
a) plasma
b) kinetic temperature
c) thermal energy
d) particle energy

All matter is made of atoms and molecules that are
a) always fixed in position
b) always in motion
c) moving in the same direction
d) moving slowly

According to the law of conservation of energy
a) energy is not absorbed or released in changes of state
b) energy is not transferred during changes of state
c) energy is not created or destroyed
d) a substance has the same energy before and after a change.

When ice melts to form liquid, energy is _____________
a) created
b) destroyed
c) released
d) absorbed

The temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a solid is called
a) freezing point
b) saturation point
c) boiling point
d) condensation point

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