Unit 9 Culture And Reform Question Preview (ID: 45811)

American Culture And Reform In The 19th Century.[print questions]

The main leaders of the women's rights movement and authors of the Declaration of Sentiments were...
a) Clara Barton and Sojourner Truth
b) Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
c) William Lloyd Garrison and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
d) Dorothea Dix and Susan B. Anthony

Seneca Falls, NY was the site of this reform movement
a) Abolition Movement
b) Temperance Movement
c) Women's Rights
d) Education Reform

Women were the main participants in social reform movements
a) True
b) False

William Lloyd Garrison published a newspaper to bring awareness to this issue...
a) Temperance
b) Abolition
c) Women's rights

religious revival that inspired people to participate in social reform movements
a) First Great Awakening
b) Second Great Awakening
c) The Enlightenment

Public education reformer who helped bring free public education to all
a) William Lloyd Garrison
b) Horace Mann
c) Frederick Douglass

Prison reform is associated wit this person
a) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Dorothea Dix
d) Clara Barton

American artists from the Hudson River School focused their works on America's _________ .
a) nature and landscapes
b) environmental destruction caused by industrialization
c) social injustices
d) abolition

The best definition for the word reform is...
a) to cancel something
b) to change or fix something in order to make it better
c) to make something different

Leader of the Transcendentalist Movement
a) Ralph Waldo Emerson
b) Harriet Tubman
c) Charles Finney
d) Washington Irving

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