WHI.4 Persia, India, China Test Review #2 Question Preview (ID: 45788)

WHI.4 Test Review.[print questions]

Which empire practiced Zoroastrianism and had tolerance of conquered people?
a) Indian
b) Persian
c) Chinese
d) Sumerians

With which country's river system was the Gupta Empire's Golden Age associated?
a) India
b) China
c) Egypt
d) Mesopotamia

Identify the first emperor of the Mauryan Empire?
a) Ashoka
b) Chandragupta
c) Bindusara
d) Brihadratha

The Great Royal Road was an achievement of -
a) India
b) Egypt
c) Persia
d) China

All of the following are correct statements describing the Kshatriyas caste EXCEPT -
a) Higher caste than the Brahmins
b) Caste made up of warriors
c) Second highest caste
d) Higher caste than the Vaishyas

The sacred writings of the Aryans used in India were the -
a) Dharmas
b) Brahmans
c) Shudras
d) Vedas

The ruling authority of China's ancient dynasties was based on the -
a) Vedas
b) Ten Commandments
c) Mandate of Heaven
d) Eightfold Path

Which of the following items originated in China and was contributed to trade along the Silk Road
a) Silk
b) Paper
c) Compass
d) All of the Above are Correct

In Hinduism, what is the relationship between karma and reincarnation?
a) An individual's good karma will help end the cycle of reincarnation
b) Reincarnation will determine a person's future karma
c) Reincarnation will result in the escape from the cycle of karma
d) An individual's bad karma will end the cycle of reincarnation

Which early civilization made the following contributions: concept of zero, concept of round Earth, medical advances (setting bones), and new textiles
a) Gupta
b) Aryan
c) Qin
d) Persian

Ruling families in classical China are known as -
a) dynasties
b) kingdoms
c) royalties
d) empires

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