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Which of the following examples is the BEST example of population?
a) A butterfly pollinating a flower as it drinks nectar from the flower
b) An owl snatching a mouse froma field to eat
c) Woodpeckers eating at a birdfeeder more quickly in crowded populations
d) All the black squirrels living in a forest

An organism's way of life
a) Competition
b) Growth Rate
c) Niche
d) Population

Flowering plants and their pollinators are species that have
a) Carrying Capacity
b) Adapted
c) Co-Evolved
d) Least Developed

Which species have the highest reproductive potential?
a) Bacteria
b) Insects
c) Homosapiens(Humans)
d) Both bacteria and insects

Why did population size double between 1880 and 1930?
a) Low death rates and high birth rates
b) Just happened like that...
c) Medical advancements that simulated the Fountain of Youth
d) Fewer natural disasters

During this stage of demographic transition, birth rates drop and population size bgin to decrease.
a) 1st
b) 4th
c) 3rd
d) 2nd

Why is thick fur on a deer an adaptation and NOT co-evolution?
a) Deer are physically unable to evolve
b) Co-evolution does not involve deer
c) Fur is not a change that can be aquired through evolution
d) No other species are involved

Is a cow in a pasture a parasite?
a) Yes
b) Depends on whether the cow's milk comes out chocolate
c) Maybe?
d) No

Is it considered symbiotic when a fox hunts and eats a rat?
a) Yes
b) Only if their weights are a 5:1 ratio
c) Only if the rat has eaten rat poison
d) No

Death rates
a) Decrease during stage two of demographic transition
b) Stay constant through out time
c) Are a natural part of the environment
d) Happen when there is a World War

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