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Why did Russia leave WWI?
a) alien invasion
b) stock market crash
c) Bolshevik/Menshivik Revolution
d) increased trade

Which of the following events led the US to enter WWI?
a) attack on Pearl Harbor
b) bombing of NYC
c) Zimmerman Telegram
d) stock market crash

Which weapon during WWI was most feared?
a) poison gas
b) machine gun
c) submarine
d) tank

Which of the following nations were not allied with Germany in WWI?
a) Austria-Hungary
b) Ottoman Empire
c) Russia
d) none of the above

What type of warfare did WWI mainly consist of on the Western Front?
a) open field battle
b) air battle
c) trench warfare
d) undersea war

Which of the following nations were NOT an Allied Power during WWI?
a) France
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) England

What was the spark that ignited WWI?
a) assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
b) sinking of Lusitainia
c) stock market crash
d) Zimmerman Telegram

Which of the following was NOT a main cause of WWI?
a) Nationalism
b) Militarism
c) Industrialism
d) Imperialism

When did WWI end?
a) 11-11-18
b) 12-25-18
c) 2-28-18
d) 1-1-18

What treaty ended WWI?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Treaty of Berlin
c) Treaty of D.C.
d) Treaty of Versailles

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