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Which statement correctly describes the difference between paramecia and amoebas in terms of how they move?
a) Paramecia move using pseudopods and amoebas move using cilia.
b) Paramecia move using flagellum and amoebas move using pseudopods.
c) Paramecia move using flagellum and amoebas move using cilia.
d) Paramecia move using cilia and amoebas move using pseudopods.

What name is given to an organism that is infected with and can transmit a disease-causing microbe to another living thing, even though it shows no symptoms of disease?
a) pathogen
b) carrier
c) contagion
d) parasite

Why are viruses not considered living things?
a) Viruses are not made of cells.
b) Viruses do not contain hereditary material.
c) Viruses cannot make their own nutrients.
d) Viruses can be seen only with an electron microscope.

Which of the following structures is found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
a) ribosome
b) nucleus
c) lysosome
d) endoplasmic reticulum

Why do researchers need to constantly develop new types of antibiotics?
a) Bacteria are constantly evolving and becoming resistant to existing antibiotics.
b) Doctors need as many treatment options as possible for bacterial diseasees.
c) Drug companies want to sell as many drugs as possible.
d) Bacteria eventually learn to stay away from certain antibiotics in the body.

Which describes how Volvox differ from most other protists?
a) Volvox are the only protists that obtain food through photosynthesis.
b) Volvox use cilia to propel themselves through water.
c) Volvox have no means of locomotion.
d) Volvox do not live as individual organisms.

Which protist uses extensions of cytoplasm called pseudopods for movement?
a) Paramecium
b) Volvox
c) amoeba
d) Euglena

What do viruses have in common with bacteria?
a) organelles
b) genetic information
c) an ability to divide to produce new cells quickly
d) antibiotic sensitivity

Which organisms are examples of prokaryotes?
a) animals
b) protists
c) viruses
d) bacteria

Which microbe has three basic shapes known as bacillus, spirillum, and coccus?
a) virus
b) protists
c) bacteria
d) amoeba

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