1.01 Understand The Evolution Of Computers And Computer Programming Languages Question Preview (ID: 45738)

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used punched cards to input and store data; used binary numbers vacuum tubes
a) 1st Generation Computers
b) 7th Generation Computers
c) 3rd Generation Computers
d) 5th Generation Computers

replaced transistors
a) salsa
b) “chips”
c) ALU
d) CPU

carries control signals
a) control bus
b) school bus
c) SQL
d) Very High level

Holes were made to represent information to be tabulated were punched in cards;
a) Holiday Tabulating Machine
b) Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine
c) Oviedo's Habulating Machine
d) Very High level

High-speed memory referred to as cache; Used to store frequently used data for quick retrieval
a) Stop Roll Match
d) Static Random Access Memory

What is motherboard?
a) something used in Multimedia
b) bus with alot of kids
c) contains expansion boards, clock rate, memory, SRSM, bus, data bus/address bus, control bus
d) does not contain an expansion board

What is cache?
a) high speed memory; L(Level) 1 cache is very high speed and stores instructions executed over and over; L2 cache is a slower a
b) Level 20 device
c) money
d) a flashdrive

(1944) Mechanical telephone replay switches to store information and accepted data on punch cards;
a) Mark Jackson
b) Mark 1
c) Mark 11
d) Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002

What is CPU?
a) controls the flow of data between the computer’s other units
b) processes data and controls the flow of data between the computer’s other units
c) central practice unit
d) not used in a computer

gave computers the ability to read (access) write (store) data quickly reliably
a) magnetic tape
b) magnetic textbox
c) flashdrive
d) erasable marker

What is a computer?
a) Cookbook
b) Portable Document Format
c) an electronic machine that accepts data, processes it according to instructions, and provides the results as new data
d) Designed strictly to catch the eye

provides strong abstraction from the hardware allowing a program to be written in a languThis can run on multiple types of computers (running the same operating system)
a) High level languages
b) Spanish
c) German
d) Low level languages

What is a analytical engine ?
a) (1833) Perform variety of calculations by following a set of instructions (or program) on punched cards
b) cd
c) address bus
d) carries control signals

What does ENIAC stand for?
a) Electronic Naming Integration and Computer
b) Easy Naming integer and Calculator
c) Electronic Numerical Integration and Calculator
d) Edgar, Nathan, Issac and Calvin Brothers

What is machine code?
a) ALU
b) written in Spanish
c) written in color code
d) written in Hex code

performs logic and arithmetic operations
a) ALU
b) IC
d) DDR

1st generation computers used ..
b) Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Conference
c) binary numbers vacuum tubes
d) did not use vacuum tubes

Random Access Memory stands for:
a) ROM
b) RAM
d) RIM

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