WWI - Great Depression - Game 2 Question Preview (ID: 45723)

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Who won World War I?
a) Allies
b) Central Powers
c) Axis Powers
d) The Winners

Which governor of Georgia was elected to four terms?
a) Eugene Talmadge
b) Tom Watson
c) Herbert Hoover
d) Ellis Arnall

Which president created the New Deal?
a) FDR
b) Eugene Talmadge
c) Tom Watson
d) Leo Frank

Who was the governor of Georgia who tried to block New Deal programs?
a) Eugene Talmadge
b) Tom Watson
c) FDR
d) Jim Halpert

Eugene Talmadge disliked this New Deal program because it paid African-American farmers:
a) AAA
b) CCC
c) REA
d) Social Security

This New Deal program brought power lines to the South:
a) Rural Electrification
b) Social Security
c) AAA
d) CCC

This New Deal program gave money to the retired or the disabled.
a) Social Security
b) CCC
c) REA
d) AAA

This New Deal program put young men to work on conservation projects.
a) Social Security
b) REA
c) CCC
d) AAA

This New Deal program paid farmers to stop growing crops.
a) AAA
b) CCC
c) Rural Electrification
d) Social Security

What got Georgia into a depression before the Great Depression?
a) boll weevil and drought
b) stock market crash
c) banks closing
d) overproduction

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