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The Enlightenment is often considered a turning point in world history because it
a) Advanced the teachings of the Catholic Church
b) Established a more rigid social hierarchy
c) Applied reason to attack traditional privileges
d) Promoted royal absolutism

The Renaissance writer and diplomat Niccolo Machiavelli wrote that “the end justifies the means.” What did he mean by this statement?
a) Subjects must always obey their rulers.
b) A ruler must always follow the laws of God.
c) Subjects have the right to rise up and overthrow a ruler who is unjust.
d) A ruler may use trickery and even violence to maintain peace and stability

Which statement correctly identifies a political impact of the Protestant Reformation?
a) Protestant rulers dissolved monasteries and seized their lands.
b) European rulers attended an international conference to settle their differences.
c) The Pope rallied Christians to launch a new Crusade against Muslims.
d) European Jews were expelled by Protestant countries.

What practice did the Aztecs borrow from earlier Mesoamerican peoples?
a) The cultivation of corn
b) Their herding of cattle and sheep
c) The use of quipu (bundles of rope) to keep records and send messages
d) Improved techniques for riding horses

What did the Aztec use of the calendar and the Mayan writing system illustrate about the pre-Columbian civilization of the Americas?
a) They traded extensively with Africa
b) They had major cultural achievements before coming into contact with European civilization.
c) They were declining from warfare and disease
d) They had earlier contacts with the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt

Which best summarizes the impact of European colonization on the Inca and Aztec civilizations?
a) Aztec and Inca natives were generally replaced by enslaved peoples brought from Africa
b) These empires were replaced by a new culture blending local traditions, Catholicism and Spanish rule.
c) These civilizations adopted Protestantism as a means of resisting Spanish rule.
d) Local rulers absorbed European ideas and developed beneficial trade links with Western Europe.

Which was a major reason for the expansion of Europe during the period 1450 to 1750?
a) European wanted to exploit the resources found in the Americas
b) Native Americans asked Europeans to provide them with new technologies
c) European rulers were seeking a place to settle excess population.
d) Europeans sought to learn about Native American cultures.

How did the Columbian Exchange most benefit Europeans?
a) It reduced conflicts between competing religious groups.
b) It introduced new foodstuffs into European society.
c) It eliminated smallpox and measles from Europe.
d) It introduced horses and other work animals into Europe.

Which statement identifies an impact of the Atlantic slave trade?
a) It made African languages and the Islamic religion popular in the Americas.
b) It brought African beliefs, legends, and music to Asia.
c) It destroyed much of Africa’s heritage and disrupted its development.
d) It introduced violence and social upheaval to Europe.

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are both based on the idea that government power comes from the citizens it governs. This reflects the influences of --
a) Thomas Aquinas and Niccolo Machiavelli
b) John Calvin and Charles de Montesquieu
c) John Locke and Jean Rousseau
d) Thomas Hobbes and Adam Smith

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