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The SI unit of power is
a) watts
b) joules
c) N/m
d) m/s/s

The end of a lever that you push down is the
a) output force
b) output distance
c) input force
d) fulcrum

Which below is NOT a simple machine?
a) wheel & axle
b) inclined plane
c) pulley
d) fulcrum

Which below is NOT an example of work being done?
a) pushing a shopping cart in a store down an aisle
b) pulling a sled behind you in the snow
c) pushing your kid brother on a swing
d) holding a trophy above your head

Which below does the MOST work
a) pushing a 20 N box 5 meters
b) pulling a 40 N chair 1 meter
c) carrying a 20 N purse 200 meters
d) pushing with 200 N of force on a wall that doesn't move

You set up a block and tackle pulley system that supports a 200 N weight and consists of 2 pulleys with 3 rope sections supporting the weight. The IMA of the pulley is
a) 0
b) 2
c) 3
d) 200

You push a box 15 meters in 4 seconds using 25 N of force. The power exerted is
a) 375 W
b) 93.8 W
c) 4 W
d) 1500 W

1 kilowatt = ?
a) 746 W
b) 1 horsepower
c) 1,000 W
d) 1,000,000 W

A machine with an AMA of 6 ...
a) Has an input distance of 6 cm and an output of 12 cm
b) Increases your input force by 6 times
c) Is a lever with no fulcrum
d) Has a smaller output force than input force

The person who coined the term
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) Sir Isaac Newton
c) Galileo
d) James Watt

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